Tuesday, 29 October 2013

7 Months Old.

7 Month Update

- Size 3 Diapers
- Wearing 6-9 month clothes
-Wearing 3-6 month jeans
- 17 lbs, 6 oz. (25%)
- 26 ½ inches long (25%)
- Head circumference: 46.5 cm (95%)
- 2 bottom teeth

Grant has been eating solids for over a month now. He still breastfeeds approximately every 3 hours throughout the day, for about 10 minutes or less. He eats about 4-6 tablespoons of fruit, 4-6 tablespoons or vegetables, 4-5 tablespoons of cereal and about 1 tablespoon of meat. 

He loves carrots, peas, broccoli, peaches, mixed fruits, mixed vegetables, rice crackers, pears, bananas, applesauce, prunes, oat cereal, mixed fruit cereal.
He tolerates squash and chicken
He hates prune/apple juice and water. We try to get him to drink water (4oz/day) but he just hates it, so we put it in his food.

He goes to bed between 7-8 and wakes up between 7-8 in the morning. I know I'm lucky.

Sometimes I worry about his size, because he hasn't been gaining weight at all in the past 2 months, but every time we talk to the doctor or the health center, they say it is normal. Even though he is eating more solids, he is also more active then ever. And he doesn't seem to be wasting away or anything haha.

He is now caught up on all his immunizations. Right now there is an outbreak of measles in Lethbridge, which is a little unsettling, as it went from 1 case to 13 known cases. Luckily, we got him in right a way to get his measles shot. He really is a champ. Apparently it is a nasty shot and he handled it so well.

One thing that I have really noticed this month is how much this boy laughs. He laughs at everything. He laughs at his dad, my dance moves, strangers funny voices, family members funny faces, and even himself. 

I feel like he is way more aware of my presence now. He has started to cry when I leave the room and stop immediately when I return. He doesn't want to be picked up and he is totally fine, he just wants me in his view.

I enjoy this boy almost too much, if that is possible (it's not, that was a joke). Finding a balance between playing and working is really hard for me. I always have these long to-do lists of things I have to get done and it frustrates me when it is the end of the night and i've maybe checked 2 things off my list. But then when I am having a really productive day, I feel guilty that I am not spending enough time with my little man. Learning to balance all my goals, lists, and motherly adventures is definitely something I have to work on. But I do need to point out that Grant is pretty good at playing by himself.

The only time our house is quiet is when Grant is napping. When he is awake he is talking, laughing, squealing and babbling on about who knows what. Last week he started saying "Ba ba.." and just last night he started saying "da da".

The other night while I was changing his diaper, he did the funniest thing with his legs. He was moving them both in rhythm like he was exercising. I seriously died. And then when he saw how funny it was, he started laughing and we were both killing ourselves laughing.

He is so polite, still always clasping his fingers together, he is so precious.

Grant loves being outside. Anytime he is every crabby, we just take him out shopping, our out for a drive or for a walk. Sometimes he has a hard time waking up from his naps, he must feel really groggy because he won't stop crying, that is until we take him outside on the front lawn.

We've started putting him in shopping carts and his stroller without the carseat. The first time we did that he thought he was the coolest kid around. Well, he probably was. It's nice because I can actually use my jogging stroller now.

He's started standing by himself when he is holding onto the couch.

He loves peek-a-boo! When you put a blanket on top of him, he will pull it off and laugh when you shout "Peek-a-boo!"

He always loves hanging out with dad no matter what, wherever Garth is, Grant is.

Over the past week we've stopped swaddling him when we put him to sleep. At first, when we first put him down, he thinks it is so funny. Tonight when I left the room after putting him to bed he fussed for awhile, I went back in to give him his soother and he had the blanket over his face with just his eyes peeking up at me, smiling. When he wakes up in the night, he doesn't find it funny at all, he is still at the point where having his arms free is new to him, but at least he can sleep without those dang Swaddle Me blankets.

This kid has no desire to go anywhere. He will be playing with a toy, drop it, it will roll away and he will reach for it for a second and decide he doesn't care about it anymore and move on to something else. Doesn't give me much hope for him crawling anytime soon, or at all. I feel like he will be walking and talking before that happens.

He is so good with his hands and is so focused on little details lately. He picks up little objects and when you hand him a toy, he usually just ends up fiddling around with the tag.

He has started waving. He doesn't know what it means yet, but it's still adorable.

Now that we are settled into his new place, I have been having so much fun setting up his new nursery. I am so excited to see it all finished!

Time flies by so fast, and he is getting so old... but he is just as cute as ever :)



    1. You should try this for baby food, it was Tansley's FAVORITE, mash one banana and one ripe avocado together. If you mix it in a blender or with an immersion blender it has the consistency of pudding. It is delicious, even for an adult, and super healthy. My Ella loves the baby cereal, but is very suspicious about fruits and veggies. She loves to gnaw on raw carrots and apple slices, but now that she has eight teeth, I have to be really careful with those.

    2. Charlie didn't gain more than a pound between 7-9 months, simply because he was so busy he burned up all the energy, so don't worry! He'll grow, eventually. I hear cupcakes help, jks, don't do that, lol.