Saturday, 5 October 2013

6 Months Old!

What the heck?! How is this happening? That is half of a year. Crazy.

  • Size 3 Diapers
  • Wearing size 3-6 month pants , except one pair of 0-3 that still fit haha
  • Rest of his clothes are mainly 6-9 months.
  • At the second week of September:
  • 17 lbs 4 oz (75%)
  • 26 ½ inches long (75%)
  • Head circumference:  45 (90%)
  • He can sit up on his own... unless he is excited about something!
  • He is fascinated by peoples faces and when you go to hold him, he will reach up and put his hand on your face (It reminds me of Renesemee from Breaking Dawn, although I don't see anything when he does it, darn)

  • He loves grabbing noses and any other facial feature he can get a hold of.
  • He wants to FEEL and stroke everything. Everything is fascinating to him.

  • He is the biggest flirt. Anytime we are around people (girls) he flashes the most playful grin and starts talking to them.
  • He can grab toys placed in front of him and move them between his hands.
  • His facial expressions never cease to amaze me
  • He never stops talking. We have to take him out into the hallway during church meetings every Sunday, and it's never because he is crying.
  • He has been mistaken for a girl 6 times now. It doesn't really bother me because I know it just means I have a pretty baby. I think it is his eyes. Everywhere we go, everyone always says he has the most gorgeous eyes. 
  • Bath time is the best! He loves to splash with both his feet and hands. he still hasn't figured out that he is the one getting water in his eyes.
  • Started doing the "spitting noise" and the "razzing noises" are more frequent and just as cute as always.
  • Grant's fifth month of life has been a month of change. Lots of change and lots of firsts:
   - New House
   - New crib/ nursery

   - First cold
   - First jacuzzi
   - First time in hot springs
   - First bath in a bucket
   - First sliver
   - First camping trip/ first time sleeping in a tent
   - First taste of sand and dirt.
   - First solids! At 5 1/2 months we started him on rice cereal and vegetables and then moved to fruits. His first taste wasn't so good, but after that he has been a good little eater.

   - First teeth! His two middle bottom teeth and coming in! For one week I was pretty sure that I was never going to have the chance to sleep again, the poor boy was so sad all the time, but now he is a great sleeper. Which leads me to...
   - First time sleeping through the night! I know so many people who's babies started sleeping through the night so early on but I never felt comfortable letting him until we started him on solids. After a week and a half of solids, he was still waking up every night. I was so done with that! So we spent one long, long night listening to him cry, and then the next night he cried for about 20 minutes and then the next night, NOTHING!

  • Still loves being swaddled. We are slowly trying to break him from that, so we leave him unswaddled for naps.
  • I love being able to put him down awake and walk out of the room.
  • Grant loves when you stroke his ear when he is sleepy
  • He laughs every single time we take him out of the bath, and bundle him up in his towel. Every.single.time.
  • If we let him, he would play in his exersaucer for hours
  • LOVES LOVES LOVES his jolly jumper. From the moment we put him in it, he knew exactly what to do. It's almost like he is performing, and it's hilarious.

It's safe to say we will definitely keep him <3


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