Tuesday, 13 October 2015

June Blues.

June was busy.

I was still very stressed out about taking care of my boys all day by myself. 

I always told myself during February, March, April while Garth was in New Zealand, that once he got home things would be better, that I could have a normal life again. I totally overlooked the fact that as soon as he got home we would be jumping into our crazy summer months!

So I kept chugging along, trying to make it through the lonely days while still trying to keep the kids alive and happy. I enjoy having these two little men in my life to keep me company, twice the cuteness and twice the fun, but man, changing two boy's diapers is time consuming! And when I wasn't changing diapers I was nursing, or cleaning, or crying. 

I have learned that the hardest part about taking care of two kids is that window between dinner and bedtime. Trying to feed two mouths, bathe two bodies, read to two boys and brush two sets of teeth by yourself takes allllll night. While most husbands are home by dinner and able to help with bedtime mine was so busy working hard all night long for us...so I did it as best as I could. Usually that meant the boys were in bed sometime before... 10 haha.

All that pent up frustration was eating away at me everyday and I was about ready to explode. Soooooo.... I got a gym membership. Working out at home everyday just wasn't cutting it and it was so much better getting out of the house, dropping the kids off at the childcare program and working out with Garth for an hour. It was an hour of quality time together that we so desperately needed.

Also, to avoid the loneliness and June blues that always seem to creep in around this time, I kept myself extremely busy and was only home when I needed to be. That allowed us to have lots and lots of fun outside together!

Sunday Exploring

Charity Day!

I love how much they love each other!

Zoo Day with Grandma!

Nothing he does fazes me anymore...

Bedtime snuggles with the cutest toddler

Lake Day!

Science Center!

Keeping each other entertained while Momma shops!

My heart can't even handle how sweet this boy is!

Pool Days!

Just practicing...



  1. You did an absolutely amazing job being a single mom. I don't know anyone who could make it look as easy as you did! :)

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