Saturday, 24 January 2015

Album Release: Ten Whole Minutes

Over the past couple of years I have been working towards something that I have always dreamed of doing... creating an album.

I have always been interested in music, which is why I eventually ended up at the University of Lethbridge studying for my Bachelor of Music (Voice). Over the summer of 2010 I branched out of classical music and started writing songs of my own. I got a guitar, taught myself how to play it and songwriting soon filled my every waking moment. No matter what I was doing or where I was, I always found myself writing songs in my head. I was constantly whipping out my phone or scrambling for my notebook, writing in new lyrics or song ideas that intrigued me.

That summer, I tried my hand at recording for the first time in my friend's basement, and I loved it so much I decided to release those songs on iTunes

Through the school year, I continued to gain stage experience as I performed like my grades depended on it (they did), and I also performed my own music when I had the opportunity. As much as I loved singing on stage in a pretty dress, I knew that my love for songwriting, guitar and playing my own songs made me happier than singing Italian arias ever would.

That year I met Garth, we got married and he helped me realize that I had to pursue my ultimate dream, to be a musician and a recording artist. I had the opportunity to open for Peter Katz in Lethbridge and that was the exact night I realized, this is what makes me happy.

After that strong realization, we made plans to record an album. I continued to write songs and we researched different recording studios and producers. To make a long story short, we found the perfect producers who could help turn my songs into the album that I dreamed of making. I plan on writing a whole other blog post about the recording process/making of this album later on.

After 2 years of balancing pregnancies, babies, songwriting and recording...

Mulling over lyrics, demos, album art, name changes and cd manufacturing...

Through all the ups and downs of the most incredible learning process...

We have my 6 song EP...

 Ten Whole Minutes.

All these songs that I wrote for the album were written during the craziest time of my life, where so much was happening and changing.  The only way I knew how to deal with everything was to write about it. It was like therapy for me. The idea of my album title "Ten Whole Minutes" is the thought that in Ten Whole Minutes, everything can change.

One thing I knew I wanted to do along with this release was to have a release concert/party along with it. I have had so many supportive friends and family who have been encouraging me and waiting patiently through out the whole process so I thought that there would be nothing better than getting to celebrate this album with all of them.

The week leading up to the concert was incredibly fun and busy with lots of planning, practicing and frequent trips to Long & McQuade. It was also incredibly stressful! I was fighting through sickness and pregnancy hormones, the weather turned for the worse causing over half of the rsvps to cancel.

In the end, everything worked out amazing and despite all those people that couldn't come, I was ecstatic about how many people did make it out to support me that night. I had the most amazing time finally being able to share my songs off the album as well as some others.

To end off the perfect day, I found out that CBC Radio 1 played my single, Sparks, on their show, The Key of A. 

I couldn't be happier that I have made my dream a reality and I am so grateful for Garth who did everything he could to make this happen. I will always look back on this and remember when we were students in school, with a son (and one on the way) and how he worked his butt of every summer and sacrificed so much to make this possible for me. 

I will never ever forget it.

If you are interested in hearing my EP, you can find it by clicking on these links to cdbaby or

Now that my music is out there and ready I can't wait to start performing again and sharing it with everyone, just like the very first time I did and realized this is what makes me happy.


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