Thursday, 11 December 2014

I Wanna Be Sedated....

Since we basically got home from our trip and Halloween was practically here, we had to think up a costume idea for Grant really quick... and I love what we came up with! We thought Grant would make a pretty cute rockstar.

Garth made Grant a custom Ramones shirt and changed one of the names to "D W GEE" (dwgrant). 

We bought some blue hair dye but it only wilted his mohawk so we had to scrap that and redo his hair. Grant hated us putting on the temporary tattoos. He was in a really bad mood as it was and then we were sticking things all over his arms which made him really mad. I couldn't get as many as I wanted on him but it worked and got the point across. Surprisingly, he loved it when I put the black eyeshadow on him. He loves watching me do my own makeup, so I think he felt special that I was doing his haha.

He did a really good job at portraying his character. He looked very angst and emo the whole time.

Okay, not the whole time.

We went over to Jace and Vicky's new house to go trick-or-treating with the cousins. It was the most beautiful night I have ever seen trick-or-treating in Alberta.

Grant had a hard time keeping up with the other cousins so Garth carried him around all night.

After awhile we headed back and Grant had the best time hanging out with Lizzy, Hayden, Zoe and Mary.

When we took our rockstar home for the night, we gave him a bath and rubbed him down with baby oil, which took the tattoos right off. The makeup took a bit longer to completely wash away. He looked a little scary for a couple days haha.

It was such a fun Halloween night and Grant enjoyed trick-or-treating for the first time. When we were done and he realized what was in his bag, I think he loved it even more!


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