Tuesday, 2 December 2014

7 Months (27-33 week update)

Our baby has grown from the size of a cauliflower (14.4 inches, 2 lbs) to a pineapple (17.2 inches, 4.5 lbs)

Cool Developments: The baby can recognize mine and Garth's voices and can detect changes in light. It's head is down and can regulate its own temperature. The bone marrow is producing red blood cells, lungs are developed enough to breathe air, and its eyes can move in its sockets. The baby is more attuned to sound, touch taste and smell and has begun shedding the lanugo hair.

Movement: You can tell there is not a lot of space inside of me because the movement I feel is completely different. Along with the jabs and kicks there are now a lot more rolling movements. Don't get me wrong they are still pretty powerful and I feel like I can sometimes figure out which body parts are jabbing at me. I love just sitting and watching my belly move, it is so fun and I could do it forever.

Body changes: I am finding it pretty difficult to breathe  a lot of the time, and if I walk too much my legs and feet get so achy to the point where I start waddling or limping haha. All those hours spent at the shopping malls in Denver almost did me in haha. When I was pregnant with Grant, my belly would make this "pop" sound and nobody on the internet or my doctor seemed to know what it was. It doesn't happen as frequent as last time but occasionally I will hear my belly 'pop'. My boobs are definitely getting ready to nurse, they are feeling very tingly, almost like they are on the verge of a let down. My pelvic area has loosened so much that I hear cracks when I walk, it can get pretty sore but I know that it is just my body prepping for delivery.

Weight gained: 23-ish lbs

Maternity Clothes: My maternity pants are driving me crazy and don't stay up over my belly, so my pants are literally always falling down. That is why you will catch me wearing leggings everyday from here on out. My maternity shirts are somehow getting too small at this point. I hope this belly of mine doesn't get too out of control...

Best moments: Buying baby clothes for our little one and not knowing what sizes to get because we couldn't believe that we would ever have a baby small enough to wear any newborn size clothes. We went to Ikea and bought a bunch of really cute furniture for the baby's/Grant's room and it is looking so cute! Grant has started sleeping in his big boy bed so now when I walk into the room and see the empty crib it makes me so anxious excited for our new little one.

Food cravings: Juice, juice, juice. That's it.

Funny Moments: I always forget the amount of attention you get when you are pregnant. I always have this feeling that I am being watched, and sure enough I look up and there are at least 3 different people staring me down. I get the occasional, "You look about ready to pop, you must be due any day now?" comments but for the most part people are really nice and just tell me how cute I am. I need to hear that now more than ever haha.

It was pretty funny the reactions we would get from people in Denver on our trip because we took Grant with us to a concert, to the Broncos game, downtown for late night sightseeing etc. People would just stare at us and then Grant and then they would look at me and my belly and you could tell they were just like what is up with those two...We were constantly told how we were such "cool parents" for bringing Grant along to everything but I am sure some people were thinking quite the opposite haha. The best was the comment from the drunk guy at the Broncos game when he saw us, "WOAH, you two have been getting busy!" hahaha

Wedding rings on or off: I took my wedding rings off to get them cleaned and then decided it was too much effort to try and get them back on. I really do feel naked without them though!

Happy or moody most of the time: I can switch between the two pretty easily...

Looking forward to: Working more on the nursery and going to meet with my obstetrician next week. Hopefully I will have more answers about what to expect with my delivery. Fingers crossed for a VBAC.


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