Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Goodbye Erica!

3 weeks ago I said goodbye to one of my best friends as she left to serve the Lord in the Oregon, Portland Mission! If you want to know how much this girl means to me you can CLICK HERE and read all about it, if not, to make a long story short, she is one of the best cousins and friends a girl could ask for.

Unfortunately we couldn't make it up for her farewell but we got to see her the weekend before she was set apart to say goodbye. On Saturday night she and Jocelyn came over to hangout and did Grant's whole bed routine, I thought that was so sweet that he got to spend that quality time with her.

After he was in bed, we all went out and met up with her brothers and the Ursenbach cousins to do a little late night bowling (I won one of the games and Garth ripped his pants doing crazy shenanigans)

After bowling, we went out to Denny's and it was as always, so much fun. Every time we hangout with these girls (and Devin, Carissa and Mikayla) it is epic. 

The next day, after Church we went over to Erica's house for a family dinner, Family Home Evening and a last goodbye. 

I got to have a good long talk with my Grandpa Paxman and he told me lots of stories about his dad that I had never heard of before.

I tried not to cry but as soon as we started saying goodbye and just looked at each other, we were both goners. I am so proud of Erica for making the decision to go on a mission. I know she will be blessed immensely and she will bless so many peoples lives with the knowledge of the gospel.

See you in 18 months!


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