Wednesday, 18 February 2015

All you need is right here in this room.

When Asher was 3 weeks old, we made our way up to Calgary to get some family pictures taken by our friend and amazing photographer, Kimberlee Martin.

We knew that it would be a bit challenging taking the classic newborn pictures at 3 weeks old but that proved to be more challenging than I thought. Our Asher was such a sleepy baby during his first 3 weeks of life, to the point where it became very frustrating trying to feed him because he was never hungry, just sleepy. Well he picked this day, the day when we needed him to sleep, to be awake almost the entire time!

At first it was a little frustrating trying to get him to fall asleep, but looking at the pictures I was actually really happy it worked out the way it did and we were able to see his beautiful eyes in his "newborn" photos.

I was excited to get some cute pictures of the boys, and despite Grant sending the wagon rolling away with Asher inside, and a couple eye gouges, I think we succeeded!

Afterwards, we went upstairs and did some lifestyle type photos with the bed and big windows. I am in love with all of them and how they turned out.

Kim does the photography for a clothing brand called Sparrow Apparel, so I was happy to model some of their clothes and have even more cute pictures of me and my babe together.

Asher is such a sweet baby and I am so glad that we had the chance to document him at such a sweet and young age. I will be doing a post all about him very soon!


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