Thursday, 9 May 2013

Peter Katz

On April 26th, we drove to Fort Macleod with Jace and Vicky to see Peter Katz!

On the road to see Peter Katz!
Garth has been going to see Peter for years now and on the night we started dating he gave me a Peter Katz cd. After we were married, I had the exciting opportunity to sit down and visit with Peter and ask him anything I wanted about being a musician. I also opened for his show here in Lethbridge at The Slice. Ever since then, we have been dying to get to another Peter Katz show and the timing was always wrong. This time we made it to his show before we had to leave for the summer and it definitely didn't disappoint!

Not only did we get to hear a new Peter Katz original, Peter got to meet Grant. During the show Peter Katz dedicated a song to Grant called "Little One." Pretty cool to get a shout out at your very first concert!

Singing/Playing his song "Little One"
Grant was so well behaved and really enjoyed the music (for the most part). He even decided he was going to sing along for the last couple of songs, and by the end he was completely spent, a little too hot and ready to go home. We had such a fun night at Grant's first concert!

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