Tuesday, 2 August 2016


We spent the week after Easter in Calgary and we ended up throwing Grant a party to celebrate him turning 3! We wanted to do it in Calgary to make it a little easier on family and friends who live there! 

Grant had really shown a lot of interest in dinosaurs over the past year so we thought we would take the theme and run with it.

We wanted to keep it more intimate this year, last year at his birthday party over 50 people showed up! It was awesome and a lot of fun, but we have found that when you invite too many people, you don't get to talk to anybody and actually enjoy your time. We invited some family and close friends and it was such an enjoyable night!

We turned the main floor into a jungle and had a yummy "Dino-themed" meal.

Grant wasn't very interested in eating because he was so excited to play with his friends. We set up a "Dino-dig" in the yard where we filled the water table with sand and hid little dinos, gems and other small prizes inside. It was a bigger hit than I imagined and he had so much fun.

After that it was PiƱata time! Luckily everybody got a chance to hit it before it broke. The kids filled their loot bags which were labelled with their Dinosaur name (Ex: Grantosaurus).

We had cake and presents and I am not-so-secretly happy about how much Grant loved his Dinosaur cake.

A duel broke out during the middle of present opening and it was the most hilarious thing to watch.

Grant was in heaven and I know this was his best birthday party yet. This was the first year he knew what a birthday was so the first year he knew what was going on haha. It made it such a fun night for us as parents watching him get so excited about everything. I look forward to watching him grow up and celebrating him every year. 

We have the best friends and family and it was the perfect night.

No words can describe how much I love this rowdy, sweet, beautiful, full of life boy of mine and It was just the icing on the cake hearing about how much he had when we were tucking him in that night. It was a night to remember for sure!


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